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What is a Shark Attack?

Born on a hot, summer day on a driveway in suburban Kansas, Sharkbite Cocktails is the coolest small company in the midwest. Our refreshing cocktails are conveniently packaged to freeze before they can be cut open to enjoy anywhere - on the beach or in the backyard.

We established the line in 2010 with the Original Lime Margarita and Hard Lemonade and added a varietal cocktail of flavors including Passion Fruit and Cherry Limeade. Look for all eight flavors in your local liquor stores in 2013.

Shark Attack Cocktails are 13.4 Proof (6.7% alcohol by valume), can be purchased individually in 100ml tubes or in 8-pack boxes and savored frozen in six hours.


With established flavors of Original Lime Margarita and Hard Lemonade, Shark Attack Cocktails is bringing six new flavors to the market this summer including Passion Fruit, Cherry, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry, Peach and Mango.


Where Can I Find Some?

Shark Attacks Sold in these StatesShark Attack Cocktails can be found in many liquor stores all over your town. If you can’t find Shark Attack Cocktails in your local liquor store, request them by name and they can contact our distributors to get them on their shelves. Click on the map icon to see if your state sells Shark Attack.

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Email Inquiries - info@sharkbitecocktails.com


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Shark Attack Gear

Sharkbite shirts are made from 100% preshrunk cotton. Click the images below for more detail.

Shirts: $9.95 / Gift Packs are 16.95

Love At First Bite T-Shirt
Get Sharkfaced T-Shirt
Get Sharkfaced T-Shirt

Orders of 3 or more shirts get a free bonus gift included. Purchases ship within 1 - 2 business days.

Drink Responsibly

6 Warning Signs Telling You You've Reached Your Limit

Use the DOOFUS System, it's easy to remember, when even that gets tough.

  • D is for Dancing: If you suddenly think you can dance well, take a break.
  • O is for Openness: When you start "sharing too much," grab a glass of water.
  • O is for Open Zipper: When you have left your fly open, maybe have a seat.
  • F is for Funny: When everything seems super funny, talk to a friend.
  • U is for Unlawful: When illegal activity becomes tempting, stop and think.
  • S is for Soil: When you have soiled yourself, for any reason, its time to stop. 

We love our fans and we want you to have fun. If you're going to drink, assign a designated driver.

Media Contact

Brad Dickson
Main Office - 913-764-4405

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